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Our policy is to frame artwork in elegant rustic wooden frames, as if a museum would be framing the work for a show, classic and unobtrusive.We suggest moldings for their quality and the way they compliment our images. The companies we most work with are linked below and are readily available at any quality frame shop. You may find something of interest at the sites so you can reference the number and see it in person. Note: the sites do not show their full line of frames.
We do offer a few frames and several suggestions that you can pursue but we strongly suggest buying the artwork and taking it to a local framer to get the perfect match for your decor needs and to see the frame for exact colors and how it blends with the art before you purchase a frame. Note that the frames we do offer also come in different sizes and colors that your framer should have or can easily order. Call for a quote as frame prices are always changing.


We suggest and only use 100% Museum Rag Archival matts when framing and matting. With a bevel cut window and 4 - 12 ply thickness depending on the print size and in a off or natural white color. Matt comapany's sometimes call these colors natural white, light cream or museum board, We, like museums and galleries, never use bright white.


Depending on the image, we also do arched and circle matts like those used quite frequently in the 1800's.








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